<div class="text-center" style="text-align: center;"> <h3 class="title" style=""><span class="title-head">About XYZ Mobi</span></h3> <p>XYZ Mobi being a pioneer in photographic film making since 1934, with its roots deep into the photographic industry has leveraged upon integrating photo imaging and information technology to bring a unique experience of giving life to every photos. Fujifilm prints with its wide portfolio of products turns every photo into a printed colourful memory. Printing mediums ranges from making of memory albums on photobooks, personalised gifting materials and various surface prints suiting the moods and flavours of every customer.</p> </div> <div> <h5>XYZ Mobi India`s Commitment to your Right to Privacy</h5> <p>Fujifilm’s silver halide papers are designed to produce high image quality colour prints with high colour retention in every picture making them immortal and ageless. Fujifilm incorporates new silver halide emulsion technology, coupler technology and layer design technology to deliver enhanced colour reproduction and white purity.<br><br>XYZ Mobi Silver halide paper contains silver halide crystals absorbs and retains colours in every atom to reproduce colours of the photo as captured giving more life to every photo. These silver halide crystals are so structured that its multi layered colour stratification enhances picture quality by multi layered colour retention displaying high colour depth in every print.<br><br>XYZ Mobi Silver halide papers has a PE layer with layered stratification of Blue sensitive layer containing colourless colour less yellow coupler over lapped by Green sensitive layer containing colourless magenta coupler overlapped by Red Sensitive layer containing colourless cyan coupler overlapped by protective layer. Post processing of every image through Fujifilm print processing Yellow Dye, Magenta Dye and Cyan Dye are retained to reproduce actual colours on the silver halide crystals for vivid colour reproduction. </p> </div> <div> <h5>XYZ Mobi Silver Halide Printing Distinction</h5> <ul> <li>Retains beautiful colours as subtle shades of vivid green, blue and red</li> <li>Silver Halide prints have life span of more than 200 years making them last through generations.</li> <li>XYZ Mobi silver halide printing is water resistant and can withstand water spills or water leakages.</li> <li>Thick paper base makes paper sturdy and retains life at every turn of the paper.</li> <li>Finger print resistant coating on Fujifilm silver halide paper surface keeps photos of elements that contaminate a photo’s colour and texture.</li> <li>Luxurious quality photos in every print due to true depiction of colours on silver halide crystals.</li> </ul> </div>


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